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Thursday, August 17, 2006

140 Rock Slide Update

By Phil Vigil

The rock slide that blocked Hwy 140 for 4 months has finally been spanned. After a long wait, a bridge has finally been constructed to get from Yosemite and El Portal to Mariposa. A second bridge has been finished and small school buses will be allowed to cross starting on the first day of school. Kellye Evans, a Mariposa High School graduate who lives in El Portal stayed with a friend for two months after the slide because driving was far too expensive with current gas prices. In El Portal gas costs about $4. To go around the slide to get to school it took about two hours and 45 minutes. Kellye says she usually did her shopping in Mariposa but after the slide she had to drive two hours to Oakhurst. Kellye is going to college this fall so she won’t have to take the bus or drive across the new bridges to get to school.

These bridges are just a temporary solution to a very big problem. A permanent solution is still a long ways away. We’ll keep you informed as events unfold.

When the slide first slid through the barrier and onto the road.

The Nicktoons Article

by Jesse Exum

Yes, this article was adapted from “Pick Nick Picks! (Nothing to do with picnics),” my article that never really was. But anyway.

Want to get some of your favorite Nicktoons on DVD, but only have enough money for one DVD? No problem! There are eight Nicktoons compilation DVDs featuring four to seven of these 14 Nicktoons: All Grown Up; Catscratch; ChalkZone; Danny Phantom; Invader Zim; Hey Arnold!; My Life as a Teenage Robot; Oh Yeah! Cartoons; Rocket Power; Rugrats; SpongeBob SquarePants; The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius; The Fairly OddParents; and The X’s. The seven DVDs are NickToons: Halloween; Nickstravaganza! 2 (VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY on from third party sellers); NickToons: Christmas; Nick Picks Volume 1; Nick Picks Volume 2; Nick Picks Volume 3; Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2; Nick Picks Volume 4; and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3, plus Nick Picks Holiday (coming September 26)! Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 even has DVD-ROM features. And starting October 17, Nick Picks Volumes 1-3 will be available in a boxed set, Nick Picks Volumes 1-3!

Even if you only like one or two Nicktoons, you'll want some of these DVDs, because they're the only way to get some episodes on DVD! And if you're a fan of Catscratch; ChalkZone; Danny Phantom; My Life as a Teenage Robot or The X's, you'll definitely want one or a few of them, because (as of August 17, 2006) those Nicktoons aren't on any other DVDs!

Well, that's it for this long-awaited article. Stay (Nick)tooned!

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