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Thursday, May 25, 2006

2006 Teen Express Poetry Anthology "Part 2"


By Hector Joel MartinBig, wonderful with a good view
They tell me that you have good food
They tell me that you and I are good friends
I can see the sunset from a plaza
I can smell your food from a distance
when I’m hungry

Somebody told me that you have
a beautiful river
I hear the air singing
I hear the river flow

You have beautiful girls in town
You have the best pizza that I ever tasted
in my life
I can see your beautiful park
I can see the workers singing happy

I can hear the music made by
musicians from a plaza
They tell me you have a big,
wonderful church in town


By Krystal Jones

Cheese can be yummy,
Always delicious
Usually colorful
Sometimes smelly

It is a snack,
A meal,
A treat,

Shape shifting
And uplifting.


By Toni Miller

The smog in the air,
The violence on the streets,
The trash on the ground,
The street I lived on,

The house I once owned,
Is now a stranger to us all,
The place my brother lives,
Is a quiet little place,
My friends are only memories,
What we did was fun,

They no longer remember me,
For I am not the same one,
The cries I cry,

Is not because of hurt,
But because I want to go back.


By Elaine Leighton

Waving at the Earth
From the field of Space
Grinning like a fool.
Picking up stars
For God’s bouquet.

Dancing on Neptune,
Or one of its moons.
I can’t remember which.
Swimming in a cloud sea,
Looking for celestial bees.

Grabbing galaxies,
Cosmic fireball in my hand
Or maybe just a spare basketball.

One on one game,
Me and God playing
On a spare court
At the edge the Milky Way.


By Katie Morphew

Why does the pain and suffering hurt so bad?
Why do the secrets make me mad?
Does it truly subside?
Or do I just uphold a lie?

A mystery will remain a mystery unless found
I will wander and get lost,
forever in my mind to be bound.
Searching for the answers deep within,

only to find a pit that I am in.

I truly thought that you were Mr.Right,
only to feel my heart getting tight.
All the images in my mind,
fog my eyes and make me blind.

When you talk all I hear is a lie,
which surrounds my world and makes it die.

Your words mean nothing to me now,
but all I can ask is how?
How did my false judgment
get the best of me?


By Sara Hawksley

Hot sand stinging the bottom
of your bare feet.
Cool ocean waves luring you closer,
welcoming you to cool off
from the summer heat.
Sun shining down on you,
burning your shoulders and nose.
Lying on the sand while you
squish the sand
between your toes.
Vendors bothering you
to let them braid your hair,
but it’s summer time
so you don’t even care.
Then the sun goes down,
ending your summer.
And you think to yourself,
“Boy what a bummer!”

Thursday, May 18, 2006

X-men: The Last Stand

By Phil Vigil

X-men: The Last Stand, coming to theaters May 26, is the third installment in the exciting trilogy adapted from the popular comic books. The story has not changed much. There is still the good side and bad side of the mutants. There is now a "cure" for being a mutant. The mutants must decide if they want to stay the way they are or become humans like everyone else. Charles Xavier and Magneto have two different views on the subject, which leads to a war between both sides.

I hope that this movie lives up to the standard set by the first two movies. It would be a big disappointment if X-men 3 followed in the footsteps of the third Matrix movie.

Tales about Yale 3

By Phil Vigil

Yale, my guide dog in training, has gotten a lot bigger and weighs around 80 pounds now.
He also has a lot of energy, which means I have to take him on lots of walks. I am now working him on a training collar. He's getting better but tends to pull and lunge on the leash when there are distractions like running kids or animals. We are trying not to use the Gentle Leader head collar on him because he hates it and gets depressed.

We recently took him to Redding with us, which was a six-hour drive. Yale did well in the car and slept most of the way. He was good in the hotel room, too. He barked only once, when the room service person knocked at the door. He liked sitting behind the floor-length curtains and looking out the sliding glass door onto the balcony. One night, Yale also went with us to the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River. The bridge was translucent and lit up from underneath. Yale didn't even notice when the bridge moved.

I think Yale enjoys new experiences and is practically fearless. He seems to take everything in stride.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2006 Teen Express Poetry Anthology


By Elaine Leighton

Listen to the sound
Of the music of the hills
They call out with the

Sighing voice of Ages

Play, play the music
This is the heart of your land
Play with finger light and quick
The heart beat of the land

Such happy strains of music
That does befall our ears

Singing the deeds of heroes
Gone and past

Dance with your music
Salute with your ale

Do a 180 on that slim rail


By Shawnee Long

New England leaves fall to the ground,
Red, yellow, orange, and brown.
As the beautiful leaves fall to the ground,

It looks like a blanket all around.
The blanket is soft, smooth, and warm,

As it covers the rows and rows of corn.
When the beautiful leaves fall all around,
It looks like a rainbow down to the ground.


By Nita Vigil

You ask where I am now.
I am here right by your side.
Had I been anywhere else
Your screams would be justified.

You say I do not care,
And over and over you cry:

That you’ve been left alone

To suffer until you die.

Those voices are not your thoughts,
But the whispers of darkest hell.
Despite what your friends may think,
You’re alive, but you’re not well.

I gave my life for you.
I know that you do not believe.

I see what you hold in your hand;
I feel the pain you’ll try to relieve.

Every time I reach for you-
Heal your wounds with my touch
You never can accept
That One could love you this much.

And here I stand right now,
And I hold you as you cry.

Though you do not love your life
I will not let you die.

Eternally Faithful,


By Phil Vigil

I do not favor the weak,
Or pity the rich or poor.

I come unexpectedly,
In a quiet passing or a scream of pain.

I’m feared more than life itself,
But some long for me.

I’m praised when I touch the old,
But loathed when I find the young.

I can end relationships,
That were never meant to end.

Who am I?

I am Death.

See you next week.

By Justin WryLove is caring for someone else.
Love is showing emotion for someone
Else that isn’t just a friend.
Love comes many different ways,
But love also takes time.

Love is taking time out of our busy
Lives to show someone else who
You really are inside.
Love is a very serious word.
It is a word that people use
To give a simple explanation
To the one they care the most
About of how they feel about them.
But love is also taken for granted.
People ignore what it actually is and
Think it is a word you can just
Throw around.
But love is more than that
It’s a word that actually
Means something real.


By Elaine Leighton

Hearing words
Flow through
A wired chain,

Wondering whether

I understand
And whether I can

Dance to what I hear.
The voices of someone else’s

Rhythm and rhyme.


By Ryan Delgado

Gasoline reminds me of fire
Fire reminds me of pain

Pain reminds me of being cut

by a knife
Being cut by a knife reminds me of

being covered in sticky blood
Covered in something sticky

reminds me of duct tape
Duct tape reminds me of

something at a construction sight
Construction sights remind me of

Sandpaper reminds me of

something rough
Something rough reminds me of

a relationship
A relationship reminds me of

being scared
Being scared reminds me of

being lost
Getting lost reminds me of

the remote
The remote reminds me of

being tired
Being tired reminds me of

losing remembrance
of ever being reminded


By Jeff LairdRhythm is the world’s own beat

It keeps us set with its marching feet

It stays in tune to our busy lives

Just like the bees inside their hives

But they have rhythm too

Everything does

From African drummers to Mariposa’s own

Their purpose is to make rhythm known

They stay on time with the world beat

Some people think they have no rhythm, when sitting in their office seat

But they have rhythm too

Everything does

Clank, Rattle, Boom, Bang!

Shake, Tat, Cling, Clang!

All the sounds the world can hold

All have a pulse, though yet untold

But they have rhythm too

Everything does


By Sheenie ChavezYour creamy, glossy texture makes my heart fly
My mouth is waiting for you to arrive,
Such a wonderful, tasty delicious treat
Just the thought of eating you, my heart skips a beat.

I wonder what flavor you will be
Nut-filled, caramel, or possibly raspberry?
May you forever be satisfying and sweet
Until someone decides to have you as a bite to eat.

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