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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Enna, the Christian Witness

A short story by Sarah Sizemore

There was a small Christian family, who had a teenage daughter named Enna, who had some hard times. Her class at school had a writing contest. The students who won would be able to go to camp. So, Enna decided to write a Christian story about her childhood. The very next day, she turned it in. After school, she got sent to the principal. The principal handed her a card. When Enna got home, she read the card, and she won!She started packing. Then came the time for Enna to leave for camp. She finally got there. When Enna got out of the bus, she saw a teenage girl crying on a bench.
Enna asked the girl, "What's wrong?"
The girl answered, " My daddy sent me away to this camp."
Enna replied, "I've been to this camp a hundred times. Maybe I could show you around. My name's Enna Blakson. What's your's?"
"My name's Lucy Nelson."
They took an hour tour, then went back to the bench. Something popped into Enna's mind, then she said it: "Are you a Christian believer?"
"No. My family isn't either," Lucy replied.
"May I tell you how you can become a believer?"
"Go ahead, if you like".
Enna read the Bible to her for an hour, then told her how to be saved. They prayed The Sinners Prayer.
Two weeks later, Lucy's parents came to pick her up. Enna told them that she showed Lucy how to become a Christian. They stood there for a second, then asked how they could become Christians. Enna read the whole Bible to them, then showed them how can they be saved. They finally finished praying when Enna had to leave for home. When Enna arrived at home, she told her parents what happened at camp. Enna decided to write an essay about what she did at camp.
Enna's birthday was coming up. Her mom said she could invite three friends and one family over. She chose her three best friends and Lucy Nelson's family.On Sunday morning, a missionary came to their church. He was a missionary to China. He talked about how the Chinese people have a thirst for everlasting water. Enna decided when she got older she would be a school teacher.
Two years later, while Enna was in college, Lucy got a really bad cancer. She had already had it for one year. Enna got word that Lucy passed away while opening Christmas presents on Christmas Day. Enna cared that her friend died. She was sad at heart but didn't show it. She knew Lucy was going to be with her Heavenly Father. (To be continued...)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Star Blogs Episode IDUNNO:Return of the Jesse

by The Way

Y quef ioud! Jesse's back! Yes, Jesse Exum, creator of Jesse's Jokes, Twisted Twisters and Really Close-Ups, is back after a three-month absence (of course, everyone else was gone too). We were able to ask Jesse what he planned to post next week. And here's what: more Jesse's Jokes (finally at last), and a review of the music CD SpongeBob SquarePants: The Best Day Ever! All that, next week!

By The Way, Jesse Wrote This.

Yale Update

By Phil Vigil

Yale, my guide dog, is almost ready to go back to Guide Dogs Incorporated for training. He will be recalled back to Guide Dogs on December 2. When he is recalled, he will be tested in 10 phases of training. If he passes all 10, he will be assigned to a blind person for training. When Yale and the blind person are fully trained, I get to go to a guide dog graduation ceremony and give the dog away.
Yale has been one of my best dogs and I really enjoyed training him. I have been getting really busy lately, ergo Yale will probably be my last guide dog.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Once Again Woody Undefeated

By Sarah B. Sizemore

I Love My Curves

By Elaine Leighton

I love my curves, the way people swerve
When they see someone like me
Not afraid of the hype, their definition of the
Beautiful type
If they don't like my natural look, fine, I guess
They got took
By those fake books rhyming like pretty with fame
In the city
I love my curves, the way people swerve
When they see me, big and proud
Of the way I am
Not changing the local scam


By Elaine Leighton

I drank the potion of the stars
I kissed the lips of the moon
I flew on the runes of solar winds
I danced among the nebulas and suns

Yet there I was
Still mundane
Still wingless
And tired from cosmic aerobics

But God dipped me in a stream
Of energy
So when I spun on the Creaters hand
I sprouted starry wings

I danced lighter than space
With more than fighter's grace
And floated on winds higher than
The roof of the universe

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