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Friday, May 09, 2008

Do you see her?
up in that tree
what she’s feeling
is alive and free.
Just sitting there
without a care,
wind flowing gently
through her hair.
Lots of people stop
and stare!
Look really closely
can it be? Yes! yes,
that girl is ME!

by Sadie Good

Saturday, May 03, 2008

In Protest of Growing Old

I do not want to grow old
I do not want to be told
“Granny, sit there in your chair.
Do not go anywhere!”
I do not want recyclable knees.
Or teeth that talk back when I sneeze.
I do not want draperies for skin
Or prickly steel wool on my chin.
Daughter, dear, with parts like
I’d rather grow young like you.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jackass Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness photo by Ralph Nichols

A Christian's Hope by Emily Croft

The Lord will save me
And be my light.
Strength is my key
When I’m given to fright.

When I read Your Word,
Please deepen my sight;
Your truths will I gird;
It’s my deepest delight.

When Heaven’s gates will raise,
We’ll all go marching in.
His holy name we’ll praise,
Away with all our sin!

Easter - The Rhymes by AnnaRose Chaney

This is the day
When Jesus was born
A joyful time
A loving rhyme.

This is the day
Jesus was crucified
A heart breaking time
An unpleasant rhyme.

This is the day
Jesus arose
a wonderful time
a singing rhyme!

Choices by Mrs. Melanie Rairigh

We are but passing ships in
the ocean of life.
Greetings of love or
greetings of strife?
A single word or act of kindness
Can enlighten a heart
from blindness.

Just as ships send out ripples
as they move along.
Each smile or frown
that we pass on
Affects those who observe them around.

Who taught us of love?
The Almighty is He,
Who gave us His Son
To die on a tree.

Holiday in the Park by Darren Shull

It is Monday morning and it’s Labor Day. Today is going to be all over-
time pay. I hop in my truck and off to Yosemite I go, But the traffic
is so bad you really got to drive slow. While driving in the Park there
are a few things you learn. You better watch out when you go
around the turns. For if you’re not careful, you just might find One
of those giant RVs across the yellow lines, And that’s not all, you
just might meet. You’ll find one of those stupid tourists stopped in the
street. They stop to take a picture or just to read a map. You wish
you can give them a giant slap. For they are all on vacation, and
they forgot to
pack their brains, It is enough to drive you totally insane.
About the time you want to go postal and run them all over
You got to stop and think it all over. If it wasn’t for those poor
unfortunate slobs You wouldn’t even have this job, So you take a
deep breath and count to ten, and then try to start all over again.

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